Dear Red and Blue Path Parents,

Attached you will find the recommended student supply list for each grade level. In some cases, teachers included additional desired items that would be well received from families who would like to contribute.

Depending on the grade level, supplies are either individually labeled or unlabeled/unnamed for community use. Specific directions can be found in each grade-level’s supply list.

Important Note: To avoid additional stress on the first day of school, it is recommended all kindergarten students come prepared with all their supplies on the day of our Kindergarten Meet and Greet (“Meet the Teacher Day”) on Thursday, August 12. Grade 1-8 students may bring their supplies to StartUp orientation on August 16. Students are not required to attend StartUp with their parents. 

Please know more details about our StartUp will be provided in early August.

Thank you in advance for your support and contributions!

Heritage Flex Academy Staff and Administration