Flex Hybrid Learning

Two Days on Campus / Three Days at Home

Heritage Flex Academy offers a hybrid classroom and home learning option that incorporates the best of our classically inspired classroom instruction with home instruction by parent educators using teacher-designed lesson plans. Students enrolled in the Flex Hybrid Learning option will receive professional instruction on campus, two days a week, and learn at home under the mentorship of their parents the remaining three days. Parents who choose the Flex Hybrid Learning option will be able to select either a Tuesday/Thursday schedule or a Wednesday/Friday schedule. Class sizes are small, with a maximum of 20 students. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed to facilitate easy parent interaction with the required material. The Heritage Flex Academy curriculum recognizes the central role that art and music play in a young student’s intellectual development. Therefore, art and music are integrated into the core curriculum. Additional arts, athletics, and tutorial services will be available as optional electives on Exploration Monday.

Exploratory Monday

Families have the option to enroll their student in quality enrichment activities on Exploration Monday, providing students with the opportunity to explore unique interests and content in subject areas to support and complement the core curriculum. 

Academic Expectations

Heritage Flex Academy follows a classical approach to learning. Students master important academic standards from a knowledge-rich curriculum based on the intellectual heritage of western literature and thought. For home days, curriculum and lesson plans are presented to parents in a simple format to help them keep pace with daily education goals and provide them with locations for additional resources.

Through a thoughtfully-designed and fully-integrated curriculum, critical thinking and character development are emphasized. Although many resources and materials will be in paper format, parents will have anytime, anywhere access to the tools needed for students to complete their work away from campus.

Heritage Flex Academy uses classical literature to improve student reading, writing, speaking, and thinking skills. The elementary and middle school curriculum emphasizes mastery of the fundamental skills and knowledge necessary for academic success in high school and college. In addition, students participate in four days of Saxon Math instruction per week, accessible either while the student is on campus for a core classroom day, or remotely when students are not on campus.

The classical model of education emphasizes language development where students interact with the subject material (science, history, literature) to comprehend it, interpret it, and talk about it. Students are immersed in a rich English Language Arts curriculum along with classical languages, such as Latin. Research has shown that the discipline of mastering the elements of language aids in the understanding of grammar, the growth of vocabulary, the deepening of critical thinking skills, and the ability to communicate effectively. Students educated classically participate in higher level conversations about the great literature that has influenced our western democratic traditions. In the primary grades, this takes the form of discussing themes and ideas inspired by classic writers and their characters. The cornerstone of our instructional approach for the upper grades is the Socratic seminar, which utilizes a Great Books curriculum.

High School: Looking Ahead to the Future

Once students complete eighth grade at Heritage Flex Academy, they will have priority enrollment in the Escondido Charter High School Flex Learning option, with full eligibility to participate in theater and visual arts, sciences, robotics, and athletic programs.

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