Our Successes

The Change We Needed

"Growing up, I was taught to work hard. My parents did not speak English but we understood the importance of being educated. We knew that our job was to study and bring home good grades. I needed my children to do better. I needed them to go to the “best” schools. We were not able to go the private school route for financial reasons. Homeschooling was a foreign and laughable option. It was not for me.....so I thought. God had other ideas. Everyone I spoke with would talk of homeschooling.....When my son George was in second grade I knew I needed something to change and I didn’t know what. Our curriculum was not working. Then I received a phone call from my sister in law [telling me about Heritage Flex Academy.] "Enroll now and ask questions later,'' is what she said. I did, which is unusual as I do not like change. Fast forward through a few meetings to the first day of school. Wow!! Heritage Flex was the change I needed. The gift that this program is to families is unreal. I finally found my "best" and it is not just the curriculum. The staff is phenomenal and amazing. They are fearless and invested. They are good people who care about my kids. I have learned that the "best" is not just what's in books and in grades. It's more. It's the relationships and the partnering of teachers and parents. It's the cultivation of the whole person."

- Eleni Yphantides -

Life Changing 

Heritage Flex has been life changing for our family and children. Our kids will be forever changed because of this school. Thank you Heritage Flex!

- Heather Brown -

Excellent Staff and Teachers 

We are so blessed to be part of the Heritage Flex community with the excellent staff and teachers! Thank you for your leadership and hard work.

- Betsy Yphantides -